Clayton Youth Enrichment

Creating a Vibrant Web Presence for a Nonprofit Child Care Organization

How 1558 Brand Agency Delivered a Complete Website Redesign for Clayton Youth Enrichment

The Client

Clayton Youth Enrichment is Tarrant County’s largest single provider of onsite before and after school care, serving more than 5,000 students across 60 public and private schools. Founded in 1975, Clayton has been a staple in the Fort Worth community, providing a safe and enriching place for children to go before and after school while their parents are working. In addition to childcare, Clayton offers a dynamic curriculum that teaches students essential life skills to foster their social, emotional, and educational development.

The Challenge

Clayton needed help with one of their greatest marketing assets: their website. While they had an existing website that was mostly functional and informative, they wanted their web presence to be a greater reflection of who they are as a childcare organization and as a brand. They also wanted to improve the navigation of their website, so it would be easier for parents to complete tasks such as learning about programs, finding locations, and registering. Additionally, they were looking for their website to more fully showcase their status as a nonprofit so they could communicate better with donors and run more effective ad campaigns.

To help them deliver these web updates, the marketing team at Clayton turned to 1558 Brand Agency. Starting with a successful project to brand and rewrite three years’ worth of custom curriculum, 1558 and Clayton have had a longstanding relationship. Because of this, Clayton knew 1558 was capable of delivering sophisticated marketing solutions across branding, web development, copy, and design. It was therefore a natural fit to extend this trusted partnership to their website refresh.

The Strategy

To tackle this project, 1558 rallied their team to develop a comprehensive strategy across copy, design, and the user experience based on Clayton’s input. For copy, 1558’s writer reviewed the existing content and updated it accordingly to consolidate the content and make the messaging consistent across the site. For visuals, 1558’s designer leveraged Clayton’s new brand guidelines to update the look and feel of the site. This meant incorporating brand elements that conveyed Clayton as both fun and reliable, including geometric backgrounds, curvy, colorful graphics, and photo cutouts of Clayton’s teachers and students.

Throughout the process, the team worked with Clayton to align their update requests and fulfill them. For example, 1558 updated Clayton’s careers section so that it could work with Paycom, their HR software. For a large organization that is consistently hiring, this integration was critical for improving the job application and review process. Additionally, the team completely redid Clayton’s location listings, transforming the static list of locations into interactive maps that would allow users to explore Clayton’s locations in their area and filter by region.

Finally, 1558 mapped out how users would naturally move through the site and what information they were likely to look for in order to update the navigation. While making these changes, 1558 stayed in consistent communication with Clayton, ensuring they approved several drafts of the site prior to launch and that all changes aligned with their initial requests. From there, 1558’s developer managed and published the updates to unveil a revamped website that fulfilled Clayton’s branding, content, and UX needs.

We’re so grateful to be in partnership with 1558 Brand Agency. The updates we needed to make across the website were immense, and it was great to have a team that was ready to tackle any marketing challenge, whether it was branding, copy, design, web development, or even an interactive map. Our new website has been a lifesaver, and we’re looking forward to our upcoming projects with them.

Over the course of the year between May 2022 and Feb 2023, Clayton’s web traffic has increased by 11%, and they are now ranking higher on 13 out of 14 of their top keywords. Additionally, with the support of 1558’s content updates, Google unsuspended their ad account (which was previously suspended due to categorization issues), and they are now able to successfully run 5 active ad campaigns as a nonprofit. They are also now able to run marketing campaigns for hiring and enrollment that are cohesive across their ad creative and the website. With their digital ads alone, they’ve been able to achieve over one million impressions, 100 people hired, and 1,800 students enrolled.

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