FirstLook, A Sexual Health and Pregnancy Center​

Changing Lives One Client at a Time

A fresh look for a fresh start in a new facility​

The Client

FirstLook is a sexual health and pregnancy center with the mission of leading Ellis County to embrace life by promoting best sexual health practices and providing family support in the name of Jesus Christ.

More than just a medical clinic, FirstLook is focused on wholistic care for every client by offering clinical services, educational programs, counseling, and support groups. Centered around a philosophy of faith, love, and understanding, FirstLook is changing lives one client at a time.

The Challenge

The look and feel of FirstLook’s brand really didn’t represent the organization’s personality or communicate hope and love as their core values. Because of this, the brand was not resonating with their target audience, which was donors and clients. On top of that, their brand for their clients was completely different than their brand for donors, causing confusion and disconnect.

They needed a strong, consistent brand and clear, concise messaging in order to support their future initiatives. They were in the process of expanding their services, and fundraising in order to break ground on a brand new building. They wanted to develop a pipeline in order to reach brand new clients, volunteers and donors, and this required an expansion of marketing outlets. 

The Strategy

We leveraged the expertise of our team at 1558 Brand Agency to deliver a variety of initiatives that spanned digital, content, creative, and in-person marketing to hit the ground running on their fundraising and re-branding efforts.  Our  marketing objectives included:

  • Establish brand recognition among target audiences and increase community awareness 
  • Expand to new marketing outlets to increase donor and volunteer reach
  • Reach new client types such as working moms, stay-at-home moms, college students, dads
  • Build and manage online presence to create positive brand awareness 
  • Leverage co-marketing opportunities with current partners and referral sources 

To reach these goals, we began with a marketing team brand strategy session to identify target audiences and analyze competitors. We creatively reviewed all brand elements and developed logos that better portrayed the message of FirstLook. We held external focus groups with clients, volunteers, and donors to gain feedback on the proposed logo to ensure it would resonate with our target audiences.

Rebranding, which was a huge part of our overall marketing strategy, involved:

  • the development of a new logo
  • a new descriptor – “A sexual health & pregnancy center”
  • renaming the pro-life supporters of FirstLook (formerly known as TX Life Investors) to Friends of FirstLook
  • new marketing materials
  • two new websites (Clients –; Donors –

When the new brand was agreed upon and set in place, we promoted and hosted a series of events through Ellis County to reveal the new brand to donors and the community and generated earned media and PR coverage.

The Results

Nearly 120 community residents took part in the three events hosted across Ellis County to reveal the new brand.

They gained 319 new Facebook followers, quadrupled the average total organic reach via social media, and increased average Facebook post engagement by 250%.

Since the launch of the client website in November, FirstLook has received 75 appointment requests through their website. 51 of those proceeded to schedule appointments and 40 kept their appointments. Prior to the launch of the new site, clients were NOT ACQUIRED through the site, but by referral only.

Our partnership with 1558 over the last year has been invaluable. FirstLook was growing; we were in a capital campaign to expand services in a new building; our brand and our websites were stale. With their help in rebranding and marketing strategy, we reached our capital campaign goal and increased our awareness in the community with both supporters and clients. When we gain support, reach our goals, and serve more people in our community, that’s success! 1558 Brand Agency understands our community, our culture, our mission, and our vision. We consider them partners.

We were able to provide measurable results that showed the client which efforts were fueling the most growth. Based on the data, FirstLook could then develop an annual marketing strategy with the confidence they needed to choose their specific initiatives.

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