The Texas Theater

Delivering a New Look for a Historic Theater

How 1558 Brand Agency Created a New Brand Identity and Website for the Texas Theater’s Grand Reopening

The Client

  The Texas Theater is a historic, two-story theater and performance venue originally opened in 1895 in Waxahachie, Texas. In 2022, the theater was purchased by local couple Jon and Alyssa Garrett to restore its interior design and create an entertainment hub in downtown Waxahachie. Today, the Texas Theater operates as a fully functional cinema, bar, and event space, hosting live music, movies, small plays, stand-up comedy, and more in a classic old Hollywood environment.

The Challenge

After months of renovations that included restoring the theater’s classic design, adding new plush seatings, and updating the sound equipment, the Texas Theater was set to have a grand reopening in March 2023. In anticipation of this, the theater needed all new branding to showcase its transformation and change of ownership to the public. This would mean developing a logo, tagline, and brand identity that would reflect the mission of the theater, as well as a new website that could incorporate the new branding and serve as a functional ticketing platform and resource for theatergoers.

When considering this project, owner Jon Garrett knew that working with individual freelancers wouldn’t be enough. He needed a strategic marketing team that would be able to tackle the project end-to-end, which is why he turned to 1558 Brand Agency. Garrett had partnered successfully with 1558 on other business initiatives and knew they would be able to provide thoughtful marketing and branding solutions that would elevate the theater and could be used for years to come.

The Strategy

The first step in the process was to understand Garrett’s vision for the Texas Theater. With this in mind, 1558 and Garrett brainstormed about the mission, core pillars, and goals of the business. This gave the team the details they needed to develop a brand identity that would balance the history of the theater with its fresh look, capabilities, and vision. From there, the team got to work developing a professional logo, tagline, and one-page brand guidelines that celebrated the Texas Theater’s history and restored Old Hollywood styling.

Then, a full website was developed with 1558 providing professional copy, elegant visual design, and strategic UX and web integrations. One of the most important elements of the website was the ticketing system, which needed to be integrated with the online event ticketing platform Prekindle. This was successfully developed to allow users to view and buy theater tickets directly on the site. Additionally, the team enhanced the website with a variety of unique features, including an interactive map that allows users to explore nearby restaurants and bars to visit prior to the show, as well as a comprehensive FAQ section that helps answer the public’s most pressing questions about the ticketing process and theater experience.

“I like the creativity of 1558…When I think of a marketing company, I think we’re going to get a logo, we’re going to get a website…but we got a lot more with 1558. We sat down for probably six hours in a conference room and dove into our brand: who are we, what’s our mission, where are we going…Throughout that process, I actually learned more about my business.”

– Jon Garrett, Owner of the Texas Theater

1558 was highly recommended to us as we were starting to grow and wanted to up our game. As soon as we met with 1558 we knew we had a good fit right away. If you’re looking to establish your brand and look as professional as possible, you need to hire a professional. We’ve been working with them for about a year and a half now and we do not regret it. Whether you are starting a new business, scaling your business, or just not happy with the look of your business, give 1558 a call.

The Texas Theater’s website launched alongside the grand reopening of the theater in March 2023. Since then, the website has become a hub for showcasing upcoming events, selling tickets, and educating users about the history and vision of the theater. Additionally, it’s enabled the business to improve their visibility with Waxahachie residents and visitors and showcase their new brand identity. With a balance of classic elegance and modern functionality, the Texas Theater’s new branding and website are sure to be as timeless as the theater itself. “What I would recommend is if you’re starting a new business, or you’re scaling your business, or you’re just not happy with the look of your business, give 1558 a call…I have a feeling it’ll probably be something that you want to do. We don’t regret it.” – Jon Garrett

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