turn leads into conversions with landing pages

Turn Leads into Conversions with Landing Pages

So, you’ve created a great digital advertising strategy using Google Ads, geofencing, social media, or maybe a combination of them all. You’ve researched your keywords, honed in on your audience, and determined the right budget for success. Now what? How can you turn leads into conversions?

Digital advertising is a fantastic way to get in front of people online. But without the right place to send potential customers, how do you move from interest to sale? That’s where landing pages come in. A landing page is exactly what the name implies, a place for potential customers to land when they click on your ad so that they can learn more about your business and help you turn leads into conversions.

What Are the Benefits of Landing Pages and Why Are They Important?

Generate New Leads

The key to your landing page will be the information that you capture from your audience. Whether you are offering gated content like a free ebook, asking people to join a mailing list, or enticing them to buy your product, your landing page allows you to get the right information from the right people so you can take the next step in your marketing efforts.

Another benefit to capturing this information is that it can provide better insight into who your audience is and help you better target future ads, making them more efficient and costing you less money.

Increase Your Conversion Rates and Lower Your Cost-per-acquisition

While your website is an essential part of your business and your marketing strategy, a landing page allows you to cut through all of the clutter and get to exactly what your potential customer is looking for.

Let’s say you are a law firm that offers a variety of services such as personal injury, medical malpractice, and consumer fraud. By creating landing pages for each of these services you’ll ensure that the potential clients responding to your ads are being sent to a page with relevant information and a call to action specific to their search.

Track the Results of Each Campaign

As a business owner, it’s important to ensure that the money you’re putting towards an ad campaign is bringing in the results you want. Landing page metrics can provide key insights into your strategy, relevance, and most importantly, conversions.

  • What if potential clients aren’t filling out your form because you’ve asked too many questions or for too much sensitive information? You can measure form abandonment.
  • What if people are getting to your landing page but immediately leaving because the information isn’t relevant? You can measure the bounce rate.
  • How many of your leads are turning into new customers? You can measure the lead to customer rate.

In addition, when you launch a multi-channel marketing campaign through outlets like email, social media, online advertising, and even traditional marketing tactics like direct mail or broadcast, landing pages allow you to track the % of traffic attributed to each source and understand the number of leads generated from those sources. Insight into the ROI of each marketing tactic gives you the opportunity to refine your strategy based on the most effective outlets for reaching your specific audience

Set Your Strategy and Build Your Landing Page

Landing pages provide an opportunity to generate new leads and turn leads into conversions. They allow you to deliver content that meets your target audience’s specific needs to increase the chance to turn leads into conversion. And, they give you in-depth metrics to inform your ongoing strategy and efforts. If you need support, the team at 1558 Brand Agency can help you develop your marketing strategy, write content, and set up your landing pages with the proper tracking needed to ensure success!

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