You Don’t Have to Do It All Yourself: Reaching Your Goals with the Right Marketing Partner

At 1558 Brand Agency, we are dedicated to partnering with businesses both large and small on a wide array of marketing and business development initiatives. Our passion to help our clients build their brand and reach their target audience never wavers. But one thing that usually does waver, is where (and when) we come into the equation. Hiring a marketing professional isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. 

The needs of one business usually are vastly different than those of another. Many times, we help clients all the way from the very pre-planning stages of launching a company. Other times, we might help fill a specific gap or help the business gain traction with a particular campaign. So…how do YOU know when, and if at all, you should hire a marketing professional to help you reach your goals? That’s what we’re here to explore today.

Let’s look more in-depth at a few of the top reasons businesses decide to outsource their marketing efforts:

  • You don’t have the bandwidth on your current team to implement new marketing strategies

You may have the most wonderfully talented team in the world, but if their bandwidth is already spread thin, you will have a hard time implementing strategic marketing initiatives. This is especially true for those time-consuming tasks, like updating a website or creating a multi-tiered Google PPC campaign from scratch. Things like geofencing, blogging, and pillar pages take patience, expertise, and above all, time. If you know your current team cannot handle this inevitable increase in their workload, it may be a good time to seek help from an outside firm.

  • You need to free up your staff to focus on other areas of the business that can’t be outsourced

Many times, employees within a small business wear multiple hats. We’re a small business as well at 1558 Brand Agency, so we are familiar with how roles and responsibilities tend to be more fluid based on current needs. If this is your reality, and you really need your team members to focus on specific efforts – then your marketing goals may take a back seat. Hiring somebody to come in and take that off your plate could be extremely advantageous at that point.

  • Your team doesn’t have the all of the marketing expertise to do everything needed to reach your target audience

Chances are, your team members have specific talents. You may have somebody who is great at social media or content writing, but that same person probably isn’t going to serve as your UX web designer. It’s the same dynamic within a marketing agency. At 1558 Brand Agency, our team members each excel at something different. It’s a good idea to identify your staff’s strengths and weaknesses to find the gaps that a marketing agency can help fill.

  • You don’t want the overhead and additional expenses of hiring a full-time marketing professional 

Full-time marketing professionals don’t come cheap. Add in the additional overhead, benefits, taxes, and insurance of taking on a full-time employee, and it may make much more sense to bring in a marketing firm. That firm may serve as your dedicated, full-time marketing wing, OR you may use them sporadically, or for larger projects/initiatives depending on your budget.

  • You have budget set aside for marketing that can effectively produce results

This includes not only the budget for the work performed by an outside agency but also for the marketing initiatives/platforms themselves. This could include online advertising like Facebook or Google ads, media buys, geofencing, etc. A marketing firm can and should work with you on the big picture to ensure your budget is realistic and your expectations are met.

If any of these reasons resonate with you, it may be time to look into aligning with a marketing agency. We’d be happy to assess your current situation and see if there is a need we can help fill. Call us today at +1 (469) 612-5398 OR send us an email at

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